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We provide IP licenses and semiconductors to the IoT market for inference machines with reduced power consumption that can be equipped with intelligence for detection and inference in edge devices such as sensor modules using AI technology. We also provide switches and security IP connecting between edge devices (LANs) and cloud servers (IP networks).
In the IoT market, due to the technological issue of huge amounts of communications traffic being processed leading to a large quantity of unnecessary data being generated on the cloud servers, so processing on edge devices is required.
In the network market, there are issue of deterioration of latency between local network and IP network. Insufficient security is also the issue.
To resolve these issues, knowledge of the network, knowledge of AI and knowledge of the hardware are all required. We possess all this knowledge in-house, so we can provide solutions for these issues facing customers.

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poco-apoco Networks Co. Ltd.


Nikken Building 6F (inside Nikken Lab), Itachibori 2-1-9, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture


Hideharu Takebe, CEO


April, 2015


¥59.5 million (including capital reserves)

Main business

Development and licensing of object recognition technology using artificial intelligence

Development and licensing of CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) Training software tools

Development and licensing of inference machines equipped with IoT edge devices (sensor modules, etc.)

Development and sales of FPGA / SoC embedded IP
(applications: network, security, inference machines based on deep learning, etc.)

Development and sales of semiconductor memory

Development, sales and licensing support for semiconductor memory control IP


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7 minutes’ walk from Exit 23, Hommachi Station, Yotsubashi Line / 7 minutes’ walk from Exit 2, Awaza Station, Chūō Line / 7 minutes’ walk from Exit 1, Nishiōhashi Station, Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line

Company Location
Nikken Building 6F (inside Nikken Lab), Itachibori 2-1-9, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi


April 2015
Company founded and registered with capital of ¥700,000. The head office was located in Dia Palace Building Hommachi 709, Uchihommachi 2-3-8, Chūō-ku, Osaka-shi
July 2015
Capital increased to ¥4.5 million
October 2015
Head office moved to Nikken Building 6F, Itachibori 2-1-9, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi
December 2015
Capital increased to ¥24.65 million through third-party allocation
January 2016
Winner of the Business Plan Contest of Osaka Startupper
August 2016
Launched business related to artificial intelligence
September 2016
Selected for the Certification Project of Osaka Top Runner Project
December 2017
Capital increased to ¥59.5 million (including capital reserves) through third-party allocation

Establishment of a consultation and reporting desk for fraud in competitive funds, etc.

As part of tackling fraud in competitive funds, etc., we have established a desk to receive inquiries, consultation and notifications of suspected fraud concerning use of competitive funds, etc., and rules regarding fraudulent actions (fabrication, falsification, theft) in research activities.

Consultation and Reporting Desk
Planning Department, poco-apoco Networks Co., Ltd.